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Giving a gift is an art form.

The true gift-giving connoisseur (we dub thee “gifter”Smilie: ;) always chooses a gift carefully. No more running into the nearest store buying the first thing you see on Christmas Eve! To be a true gifter, you must analyze the recipient carefully to determine whether the gift will be a success. Contrary to popular belief, this even includes gifts for yourself.

Beyond the espionage required to determine if the recipient already HAS the intended gift (tricky, unless it is the aforementioned gift to yourself) there are 4 main questions every gifter must answer. Of course, your friends at AbbyShot are here to help! From now until late December, we will be putting all of our AbbyShot products through the 4 questions to help you think like a gifter!

We begin with: The Deckard Trench.

1. Who should get this gift?

The Deckard Trench belongs on someone born in the wrong century (so to speak). We may not be living in a Blade Runner style futuristic world with flying cars and robots that look like (and think they are) people. But this person thinks we should be. Extra bonus points if this person dreams regularly about unicorns and sometimes gets confused about whether they really are human after all.

2. How should I wrap the gift?

The coolest idea would be to create a film noir looking “newspaper from the future” to wrap the coat in. The date should be any day in or after the year 2019 and, it almost goes with out saying, LOTS of stories about flying cars. See their face light up when they think they’ve been transported into a future noir film, then light up even MORE when they open the gift to see a Deckard Trench just for them! The scientific term for this is the “double-whammy”.

3. How should I give the gift?

Get the lucky recipient to follow a trail of origami unicorns. Just an idea. Be sure, however, to keep an eye on them in case they get freaked out and try to run away.

4. What accessories go with the gift?

With any good gift, being able to accessorize is key. The accessories to go with the Deckard Trench are many – a futuristic looking suit with shirt and tie (or stick with the film noir style, both work well) and of course it doesn’t hurt to have a big freakin’ blaster.

We’ll see you next week with another episode of “School for Gifters”! Feel free to comment with your own gift-giving tips and have a great weekend!

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