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School for Gifters 3: The G-I-G Shrug

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Wow!  Four and a half weeks until Christmas!  I bet many of you are still trying to figure out what to buy for whom…and there are many others of you who haven’t even thought that far ahead yet. So, in order to help you get your mindset there, here is the third installment in the School for Gifters series. Take tips from us and your present will be the one under the tree that is saved for the last because the intended one always saves the best for last! 

In this episode we put The G-I-G Shrug through the School for Gifters!

1. Who should get this gift?

Gift for Mary McGlynn (voice actress)

If you know of a powerful woman with a commanding demeanour, who loves to feel sexy and in control, then this is the present for her!  Or, perhaps you know of someone who would very much like to feel that way instead of a shy wallflower…then look no further!  This shrug, inspired by Major Motoko Kusanagi from the original anime show Ghost in the Shell, transports its wearer to a different time and place.  Any Puppet Master would be proud to be seen with you on his arm going about the town wearing this G-I-G.

One fan (pictured above) might just be unmatched though: He gave this shrug to Mary McGlynn, the voice actress for Motoko Kusanagi herself!

2. How should I wrap the gift?

Well, I guess it depends on what is being wrapped and by whom.  If the intended is the recipient of the shrug, then wrapping it in a poster-book would be ideal. If the intended is the “friend” of the recipient, then having the recipient wear a white bodysuit with the shrug over it would be a nice motivator as well. Smilie: ;-)

GIG Shrug for Motoko Kusanagi Cosplay

3. How should I give the gift?

Well, to keep the differentiation from above going, if you are giving the G-I-G Shrug to someone, then I would suggest a violin case, similar to those that housed machine guns.  If you are the “friend” of the recipient, then I will leave that to your own imagination!  If you are old enough, just remember which scene was cut in the American version and I’ll let you take it from there.

4. What accessories go with the gift?
 The best accessories are those that are skin tight and that accentuate the sexiness of this gift.  The Maverick Gloves add a little bit of POW! to the outfit as well. Yes indeed, whether you wear this G-I-G or simply admire it on a loved one, sensuality abounds.  It is for THIS reason alone that everyone will be happy with this present, and you will rise to being the number one pupil in the School for Gifters!  

That’s it for this session!  Thursday will see us back with our fourth installment, so stay tuned for our next lesson, and happy shopping!

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