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Another day, another scoop. AbbyShot had another Product Development meeting, but now they hold them behind closed doors, so it is more difficult to find out what they are up to.

The good news is that on Wednesdays they all go out to lunch and so that is when I am able to snoop around the rest of the shop. So, I managed to find out that the Unexpected Encounter package has shipped. I tried to get the tracking number, but the dang AbbyBot came in and so I only got this picture. I had hoped to at least get the tracking number in the picture. That is what happens when you shoot while on the fly.


It looks as if the AbbyShot Christmas Carol Contest got underway, so I hope you have begun making your entry. December 8th will soon be upon us. I’d love to have one of those gorgeous pleather coats. 

Oh, and the best news of all is that it’s Black Friday in the US this week. I saw something on one of the marketing screens about a key. The key is black. Not sure just what that means, but it is sure to cause a commotion. I’d read any marketing posts carefully if I was you.  


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