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November 25th. One month away from the big day. Not to worry though, still a nice bit of time before Christmas arrives. To our American friends: Happy Thanksgiving! Are you looking forward to Black Friday shopping tomorrow? We shall say no more… Smilie: ;)

It’s the perfect time to go back to class for the School for Gifters! This time we look at the one and only Squall Jacket.

1. Who should get this gift?

Do you have a friend who’s a student at a military academy (or wishes they were)? Are they quiet and a bit of a lone wolf? Do they carry around a big freakin’ sword with a trigger on the end of it? Well, when they change out of their military uniform they will absolutely want to slip into this awesome leather jacket. The faux-fur collar evokes the “bomber jackets” worn by military pilots from days of yore, however, the collar is also removable for the ultimate in versatility. When fighting battles in desert climates, your lucky recipient will be thanking their lucky stars that the warm collar is removable. After they thank you, of course Smilie: ;)

2. How should I wrap the gift?

Wrapping paper with flowers on it would be an obscure but fun reference for the recipient to figure out (“Squall… Garden… get it?”Smilie: ;). Either that or chocobos. Everyone loves chocobos.

Oh, and don’t wrap it TOO well or else there could be a high risk of a gunblade slicing the wrapping paper in half, and the jacket along with it!

3. How should I give the gift?

Invite the recipient over to play some video games. They’ll be in the right mindset when they receive this jacket pulled straight FROM a game. Let’s just say that your spot in the gift-giving Hall of Fame will be assured!

4. What accessories go with the gift?

Your recipient will be happy to learn that the Squall Jacket is versatile and goes with a myriad of accessories. The obvious one being: The Griever Pendant. Squall Leonhart never leaves home without it. AbbyShot includes a free pendant with every Squall Jacket purchase, however, their supply of pendants is getting low!

Another key part of the Squall look: Gloves!
The Associate Gloves were the ones used in the AbbyShot Squall Jacket photo shoot, however, many of AbbyShot’s black gloves would do nicely. You can even mix up your Final Fantasy VIII inspired look: The new Maverick Gloves are said to look like something Zell Dincht would wear Smilie: ;)

For the truly die-hard Squall Leonhart fan, there are even a few final accessories: Leather pants, leather boots, studded belts, a gunblade, and a scar!

That’s all for today, and we’ll see you again on Black Friday!
Keep your eyes open, friends…

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