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Woot! Woot! It’s Black Friday shopping! Be sure to check out ALL of our black products today and place your order if you want to receive the special 10% savings we have on for this one day. The best part about shopping online with AbbyShot: No crowds at the shopping mall!

In the meantime, we’ll have a closer look at the black leather Max Jacket at The School for Gifters today!

The Mad Max Jacket by AbbyShot1. Who should get this gift?

Anyone who is a classic Mad Max lover will also love this jacket. Not only does it make us feel empowered thinking about being a Road Warrior in a dystopian future, it actually makes us feel empowered in the here and now! Does your intended Max Jacket recipient stand for those less fortunate? Or are they taking part in a car show or post-apocalyptic event? Maybe they just enjoy cruising around in the muscle car or on the motorcycle of their dreams? If any of the above is true, then this is THE jacket for them! 

2. How should I wrap the gift?

“Wrapping it” inside a cool car would be awesome! However, those Pursuit Specials are a tad hard to come by. Instead, maybe wrap it in some neat distressed tissue paper so the power and durability of the jacket can be felt immediately.

3. How should I give the gift?

This gift is the kind you give when cruising around… whether it be on a bike or in a car, it’s the sort of gift that needs to be always on the move! So take it with you as you travel to a special destination and surprise your intended recipient on the open road.

The Mad Max Badges by AbbyShot4. What accessories go with the gift?

Naturally the Max Badges are the primo number one accessories of choice, since they help to complete the screen-accurate look of the jacket. However, the outfit is not truly complete without the Max Gloves, as seen in the first Mad Max film! For the die-hard Mad Max fan, a complete package is the answer to feeling the total power behind the Main Force Patrol.
The Mad Max Gloves by AbbyShot
Do you want to see your intended change right in front of your eyes? Then just wait until all three of these articles are worn (after they’ve been opened in some as-of-yet-undisclosed location, of course). You will be the BEST Gifter of all time!

So, take advantage of our Black Friday shopping experience to prepare for this Christmas. After that, you can start saving for the down-payment on your Pursuit Special as a birthday gift! Smilie: ;)

That’s all for today, friends! We hope you have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you again on Monday with more great ideas at The School for Gifters!

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