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With only one day left to pre-order a Lobby Trench in order to guarantee it in time for Christmas, we thought that the School for Gifters lesson #6 would be best spent on this awesomely powerful coat! Let’s pick up the nearest phone and jump right in…

 1. Who should get this gift?
Anyone who believes in the power of “The One” needs to receive this gift. It only takes a few fearless people to change the world, as was revealed in The Matrix, whether you are a leader like Morpheus and Neo, or a comrade whose faith restores life, such as Trinity. The Lobby Trench allows the recipient to feel the power behind belief, behind justice, behind hope… It is for people who want to intensify those feelings that AbbyShot brought back the Lobby Trench this year.

2. How should I wrap the gift?
The best way to wrap the Lobby Trench is to suspend the box from wires above the tree (Christmas Wire-Fu!). Please just remember not to use live wires. Smilie: ;)

3. How should I give the gift?
Make sure that the area surrounding the receiver is free from any and all breakable objects. Ideally a totally open space, with room to run, is encouraged. This is because whenever anyone tries on the Lobby Trench, their first instinct is to spin around to feel the powerful flow of the garment. Next is the inevitable run as the coat billows behind The One who wears it. Finally is the jump. Jumping off something of modest height generally will suffice… a table rather than a couch is a better height… just high enough to feel the coat fall behind you, but not so high as to hurt anyone!

Please caution The One about any potential hazards before opening the box. AbbyShot is not liable for personal damage as a result of experiences while wearing the coat, or simulating Neo in The Matrix. Smilie: ;)

4. What accessories go with the gift?
Well, there could be some serious replica firepower that would work as accessories to this coat, but replica M16s and Micro Uzis are not really great Christmas gifts as they go against the spirit of the season, so we suggest the AbbyShot T-shirt. Smilie: ;) It’s lightweight, but form-fitting and will not restrict movement in anyway while your recipient runs/spins/jumps with glee this Christmas! Also, when you purchase a coat, the T-shirt’s shipping is free. Oh, and did we mention the T-Shirt is black? How much more awesome can it be?

One more accessory your lucky recipient will want to grab: the nearest pair of shades! They truly top off the look of the Lobby Trench.

So, the gift of a Lobby Trench allows not only the recipient to be known as “The One”, but you will also be known as “The One”… who gave THE best gift at Christmas this year! Until tomorrow friends, when we’ll have our next lesson in School for Gifters 7…

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