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Wow, it’s the end of November already! Where does the time go? Today, November 30th, just happens to be the order deadline for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery for certain AbbyShot products. You’ll see that it’s the deadline for many of our Custom-Fitted Garments, (just see the Custom Product Listing for those) and also for three of our Set-Size Garments (specifically the Deckard Trench, the Lobby Trench, and the Pill Jacket).

So what better time to send the “School for Gifters” on a field trip to Neo Tokyo! Today we’ll look at how to give (or receive!) AbbyShot’s leather jacket inspired by the classic anime Akira: The Pill Jacket.

1. Who should get this gift?

This is the ultimate gift for an anime fan or for someone who likes to wear clothing that stands out. Picture yourself walking down the street. You see someone coming towards you wearing a red leather jacket. “Looks pretty sweet,” you think. They pass you by, you take a second look at the jacket and “BAM!”, there’s a blue-and-white pill on the back! If you have a friend who wants every anime fan in a 2-mile-radius to do a double-take, then this is the jacket for them!

2. How should I wrap the gift?

Try to track down any kind of anime-themed wrapping paper; that would just be the icing on the cake!

3. How should I give the gift?

We’d recommend riding up to your lucky recipient on a futuristic red motorcycle yelling “KANEDA!!!”. Wait, that would be cool any time, gift or no gift Smilie: ;)

This gift would be perfect to top off a marathon of your recipient’s favourite anime films, and of course, you could certainly throw Akira in the mix!

4. What accessories go with the gift?

The Pill Jacket goes very well with any type of leather glove, especially one that’s gauntlet-style. We recommend either the Gentry Gauntlets or the Granite Gauntlets for a style that will properly accentuate this epic jacket!

Remember, the Pill Jacket takes a few weeks to produce so place your order today, November 30th, if you want this awesome outerwear to arrive in time for Christmas!

We’ll see you again tomorrow, folks, for another episode of “School for Gifters”!

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