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I just love it when I upset the apple cart. Today was supposed to be another lesson about Gifters, but I have intercepted that post in order to bring you more insider news from AbbyShot.

You’ll be happy to know that my hidden camera is back in action, and feeding me some VERY interesting information. I managed to grab a photo that AbbyShot probably doesn’t want you to see…

This was the best zoom I could get; it’s a fabric sample and then… hmmm… something else. What is underneath there? It looks like a button of some kind. I must get a better shot of this button. Too bad my camera doesn’t have a little robotic arm attachment, then I could have moved the fabric slightly. Now I’m giving myself ideas…
Anyhow, while I go off to buy a few issues of ‘Popular Mechanics’, I would love to hear your theories. What do you think is in this mysterious photograph? What future AbbyShot garment could this be? 

I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground, and I look forward to hearing from you on Facebook, Twitter, or the Blog…



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