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Here we are at work and loving every minute!  Today’s lesson could be considered a “no-brainer”… the AbbyShot T-Shirt!

 1. Who should get this gift?
Anyone who loves to look cool and feel cool should be gifted with the AbbyShot T-shirt! With the classic red on black design and AbbyShot’s recognizable logo, you will be able to go anywhere and your fellow “cool” population (those “in-the-know”Smilie: ;) will recognize you instantly as a person with exquisite taste!  

2. How should I wrap the gift?
The best way to wrap the AbbyShot T-shirt is within an AbbyShot coat, of course! Smilie: ;) A few days ago we suggested the Lobby Trench as an ideal coat, but you will be the coolest of the Gifters regardless of which coat you choose. Since there aren’t any extra shipping charges for the t-shirts when shipped with a coat, we can even manage to enclose the tee for you so that when the coat is undone, the t-shirt will be unveiled! A double whammy Christmas present… can it get any better?

3. How should I give the gift?
Giving the gift is always the most special part, as we are all aware. For this gift I would suggest there be enough space around you (and no breakable objects) because the recipient WILL want to give you a huge hug! You have been warned Smilie: ;)

4. What accessories go with the gift?
Accessories for the AbbyShot T-shirt are a tough call since there are so many of them. I think I’d opt for either the Ocelot or Maverick Gloves (already popular accessories in our series), because, well… a t-shirt has its sleeves cut off, these gloves have the fingers cut off – it just works!

Well, that’s it until tomorrow. Tune in again and see what other great lessons you can learn from the AbbyShot School for Gifters!   

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