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The Vereen Jacket is a wonderfully distressed leather jacket fit for any superhuman/mutant kinda being.  Wolverine has been rated as a number one hero on many lists for a number of years, and we’re particularly proud of him as he’s Canadian like us! It’s high-time for a Friday “Gifters” treatment!

 1. Who should get this gift?
Any individual who thinks of himself as a Man’s Man will love this jacket. It’s a rugged-looking, but extremely well-made garment which can be worn anywhere, anytime… opened or closed, with or without retractable claws. We do have one warning, though. The wearing of this jacket does not mean that you are near-invincible. It does not accelerate your healing processes, so it must still be worn with caution!     

2. How should I wrap the gift?
It doesn’t matter how this gift is wrapped if you let on that a Vereen Jacket is inside the packaging.  There is no packaging on earth which will withstand the power of adamantium!  However, a rugged kind of packaging would enhance the power of the jacket within… maybe some distressed paper or burlap wrapped with some twine would give off the “rugged look”.

3. How should I give the gift?

Ahhhhh, we love this question for it is all about presentation. Since Logan is an accomplished pilot, it would be ideal to give this gift to someone while on a plane traveling to an exotic destination. After all, you may as well get a lot of enjoyment out of this present too… even more than seeing the joy on the face of the receiver, and perhaps a giant wolf-hug!  

4. What accessories go with the gift?
Anything involving a blade sharpener might be a safe bet.  Forget medical supplies, except for maybe a few pain killers. And of course our t-shirts and fingerless gloves would be awesome additions too!

So, there you have it… even more cool ideas on what to give for Christmas this year! Oh, and drop us a line from wherever it is you’re going in that plane!  Smilie: ;)

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