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Serenity! For some it means green pastures and mountain river streams, but for true die-hard fans it is the most progressive Western ever set in the final frontier… space! This post is dedicated to every fan who likes to fly like “a leaf on the wind”… of course we’re talking about our friends the Browncoats!

Giving the Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat for Christmas is bound to make any fan happier than Jayne Cobb at a shindig, so let’s see how it stacks up in our “School for Gifters”…

 1. Who should get this gift?
Any renegade who may (or may not) be a bit of a bad boy. Someone who can relate to the importance of resisting oppression. Someone who is noble and fights for those less fortunate. A sort of futuristic Robin Hood, you might say!

2. How should I wrap the gift?
This gift should be wrapped in shiny paper, of course Smilie: ;) Perhaps some stars would also be appropriate. Wrapping up the Browncoat along with a black market beagle, however? Not recommended! Smilie: :)

3. How should I give the gift?

Giving a Browncoat such as this would be wonderful in a ship of some sort, preferably a Cargo ship. A boat or a spaceship, either one will do! However, we DO have to admit that this may be difficult. In keeping with the season (and the Browncoat spirit of helping your fellow man), giving this beautifully crafted coat while volunteering some time to a charity would be awesome. The receiver could put the coat on and immediately feel the power of fighting for those who are not able to fight for themselves.

4. What accessories go with the gift?
A replica cast bronze or resin pistol wouldn’t go astray and of course to carry it you would need a leather gun holster. Naturally a pair of really cool black leather gloves go well with this outfit, as do leather boots….It’s all about the leather as they complement the 100% cow suede so very well! Last but not least, another fun accessory option would be a DVD copy of Browncoats: Redemption, a fan film set in the Firefly / Serenity universe, with all profits donated to charity.

So, whether you are a veteran of a galactic civil war, captaining your own cargo ship or an accountant from Albuquerque, you will feel the power behind this magnificent coat! And for the those kind souls who give this coat, your Christmas will be complete when you see the love and gratitude shine from your lucky recipient, and because you have become an awesome Gifter this year!

Still looking forward to more lessons?  Stay tuned to the AbbyShot Blog and read the next post for more great ideas from the School for Gifters!

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