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School for Gifters 11: The Enigma

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Today’s episode of “School for Gifters” is a timely one, as it happens to be one of the popular pleather coats offered as a prize for our Christmas Carol Contest! If you were thinking about submitting your Christmas Carol for a chance to win, NOW is the time: The submission deadline is tomorrow, December 8th!

This blog post, however, is about the art of gift-giving, and indeed the trench coat known only as The Enigma would make a rockin’ gift. “School” is now in session, so let’s find out more!

 1. Who should get this gift?
The Enigma, as its name suggests, is best suited to a person who likes to keep a bit of mystery in their lives. They may speak in riddles, or they may just enjoy wearing a long black hooded coat. Of course, supreme fighting skills are a bonus. If the person has an X in their name… perfect!

2. How should I wrap the gift?
How about an Enigma, wrapped in a mystery, inside a riddle? Wait, no… we just completely misquoted Winston Churchill. Smilie: ;)

The ideal way to wrap this long coat would be in pure black wrapping paper or, if not, a gray and shadowy option would be good as well.

3. How should I give the gift?
This coat would be best given as the reward at the end of a tricky series of riddles. Don’t be afraid to make the lucky recipient work for their Enigma! Challenge their memories, make them go on a quest, and, hey… why not make sure they get through 13 riddles?

4. What accessories go with the gift?
There are many accessories that go perfectly with this gift, with the ideal accessory being black gloves. Of course, AbbyShot has many to choose from! The next level up would have to be a keyblade… though we hear they’re not exactly easy to come by!

The Enigma would really be the ultimate gift for a friend this Christmas, and you will literally see the lucky recipient transform in front of your eyes! I mean, look what it did to this mild-mannered scientist on YouTube… guaranteed he’ll be having a fun Christmas!

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