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It’s the final Customer E-mails Blog Post of 2010 and we want to start with a huge THANKS to everyone who has emailed us their reviews and photos over the past 12 months! You folks (a) rock! and (b) made our days brighter throughout the entire year.

We have two happy customers in long coats this month plus some proud Max Badge wearers, so let’s not delay! We’ll start with a customer from Sweden who loves his new Lobby Trench coat…

Well my trench coat had arrived about some weeks ago and I must say it was an art of quality. Currently my body differs from most people around but it’s almost my size and I can wear it without trouble. But still it’s one unique piece of clothing in my closet.

One thing I noticed is that I don’t look “goth” in it. I would have expected something like that. But I was soo wrong. Even when I wear it, its look is more matrix than ever. I get lots of attention from people that turn their heads when I walk among them. In Sweden no one has something that even reminds them of this trench coat. Never in my life has one piece clothing turned into this experience, ever.

So I’m more than satisfied with the trench coat! I believe the only one that has this trench so far [in Sweden] is me. So I will be the chosen one in Sweden from now on.

Thanks for fulfilling one of my dreams.

Best regards,
The One.
Stockholm, Sweden

Wow! Thanks so much for your kind words, it means a lot to us to hear about the “experience” that your AbbyShot coat gives you. That is exactly why we do what we do Smilie: :)

It’s not just coats, however, that bring in great reviews! Our Accessories are just as highly regarded. The following email and photos come from the birthplace of Mad Max himself: Australia. This customer was very pleased with the Max Badges she ordered and they were even put to use for a great cause!

 Hi AbbyShot, 

My husband and his friends required your badges as part of their Mad Max theme for this year’s Variety Bash, which is an international charity raising money for sick and disabled children. So they were quite important to us. We received the badges the day before the Bash was to start. The guys loved them and they really finished off their costumes.
As promised, here are some photos. The pictures were taken at the Silverton Hotel, an area where a lot of Mad Max was filmed.
Warm Regards,


Nice! Thanks so much, Jan-Maree. These are like photos taken on “hallowed ground”, plus we’re truly honoured to be a small part of this important event! And hey, we may have some future Max Jacket customers in the making there… Smilie: ;)

Finally, for the last customer photos of the year (we can’t believe we’re typing these words!), we turn to our friend Donn. He continues to impress with even more great Doctor Who inspired photos in his Tenth Doctor’s Coat! Donn will have more photo treats for us in 2011, so this is merely a preview! Of course, you can click the thumbnails below for much larger versions.

There’s one final thing to say as we finish this post, to properly summarize the year 2010 for all of us: Allons-y!

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