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I learned three things this week while snooping around AbbyShot in order to bring you great intel! 

People’s noses are to the grindstone!  I am but a man with a part to play and what a fun part it is. Everyone is working hard at getting orders out in time for Christmas. So many packages line the tables that it makes it difficult to get a good shot of what is on the table. 

In fact everything is going so well at AbbyShot that they just had to hire another shipper. Between getting current orders out the door and having to quickly replenish products it is amazing that I was able to get a shot at all.  It was made that much more difficult because the AbbyBot is constantly guarding everything now.  May you be put to rest, AbbyBot! Anyway, I did manage to get this snippet for you this week. It is blurrier than I had intended, but I snapped it while on the run.

What do you think it is? I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground, and I look forward to hearing from you on Facebook, Twitter, or the Blog…Safety and peace be yours this holiday season.



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