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To tie in with the 2010 holiday season, AbbyShot proposed a Christmas Carol Contest, and we left the rules fairly flexible to let your creativity soar! The prize is a big one: The winner gets to choose between the pleather Enigma or Jenova Trench coats! Each entry had to be a Christmas Carol (either original or a spin on a traditional tune) and the song had to mention at least 6 AbbyShot products. Other than that… we left it up to you to surprise us. And surprise us you did!

Without further ado, the winner of the AbbyShot Christmas Contest is… John B. (aka Bachrock2000)!

John amazed the whole AbbyShot Team with an epic entry for this contest. It starts off like a radio show and segues into a 3-minute Christmas Carol Mini-mix with keyboard accompaniment! There’s even a little nod to Assassin’s Creed for fans near the end. Oh, and did we mention the whole thing is very funny? For those who can’t wait to hear the winning Christmas Carol, however, the song is from 2:28 to 5:40 in the YouTube video…

And here are John’s awesome lyrics:

AbbyShot Carol Mini-mix

(Let it Snow!)
The Jenova Trench is frightful
But the Enigma’s just delightful
For all your sci-fi coats and whatnot,
AbbyShot, AbbyShot, AbbyShot.

The Associate Gloves are handy
Driving home to see the family
All their products are really hot
AbbyShot, AbbyShot, AbbyShot.

(Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree)
Rockin’ around the Christmas tree
And I found to my surprise
Some Gentry Gauntlets and a Foxhound Coat
That just happened to be my size.

I found a G-I-G Shrug with some Maverick Gloves
Which made my girlfriend jump and sing,
We put on our coats and went out in the cold
To go Christmas caroling!

(Jingle Bell Rock)
What a bright time, it’s the right time
To see all your friends amazed.
AbbyShot time, It’s a hot time
To go buying a Kingdom Hoodie today (woo!)

AbbyShot, AbbyShot, grant me a wish
Listen please to my thought…
Make me a coat that I’ll love most,
AbbyShot you rock!

(Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer)
Give me a Mad Max Jacket
For the times I’m on the road,
Even the deep red leather of Akira and Martha Jones.

All of my friends and neighbors
Sit and stare in jealousy
Because my Lobby Trench coat’s
The coolest thing in History!!!

(White Christmas)
I’m dreaming of a Red Duster,
Just like the one Vash used to own
Every button glistens
The definition
Of true perfection as we know.

I’m dreaming of a Red Duster,
With every fan request I write
You respond so happy and bright…

…I hope my measurements are right.


We had many other great entries as well, and these two gentlemen we felt deserved honourable mentions.

1) David R. (aka Veggo3)

You may remember Veggo3 from last month when he rocked our socks off with a hilarious YouTube Review of his Kingdom Hoodie. Well, this month he tried his hand at the singer-songwriter business and put in a great showing for the Christmas Carol Contest!

2) Martyn L.

We end off with our final runner-up who wrote us a lovely AbbyShot spin on the well-known tune Jingle Bells. Thanks so much Martyn, David, and John for your entries! And of course, to John: We’ll be in touch! On with Martyn’s entry:

(To the tune of Jingle Bells)

Foxhound in the snow
On the back of Metal Gear
Crushing as we go
Fighting all that cheer
Call out in the night
Browncoats one and all
“Yeah, we’re big damn heroes, all right,
This jacket freaking rules!”

Oh, AbbyShot, AbbyShot,
Amazement is rife!
With your selection of clothes,
That is cooler than real life!
AbbyShot, AbbyShot
So much fun to wear
All the better with your gloves,
Or even anime hair!

Wear the collar on Squall
The fur keeps out the chill
Stand out from all the crowd,
In the red leather Pill
The huge Enigma hood
Perfect for falling snow
Or hang out wearing Silent Bob,
With your friends in the know.

Oh, AbbyShot, AbbyShot,
Amazement is rife!
With your selection of clothes,
That is cooler than real life!
AbbyShot, AbbyShot
So much skill is there,
To create such great jackets,
You’ll want to take ev’rywhere!

Oh, AbbyShot, AbbyShot,
Amazement is rife!
With your selection of clothes,
That is cooler than real life!
AbbyShot, AbbyShot
I don’t really know,
How you can make so many,
Unique and fantastic clothes!

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