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1. Who should get this gift?

Gloves can be given to anyone at all, but special gloves such as ours must be given to those who want to feel transformed, to feel the power behind the suggestion of the glove. They’re also for those who want to complete an ensemble and for those whose hands may be cold. They’re definitely for those who want to feel stylish! AbbyShot gloves are for pretty much everyone!

 2. How should I wrap the gift?

Festive paper is a standard, I know, but AbbyShot gloves inspire…so pick what you think would best inspire your intended recipient. Perhaps, gloves wrapped inside a tardis would work, or maybe Max Badges pinned to the outside of the packaging would be an awesome addition.  Maybe a Serenity video box with the gloves wrapped inside would be more suitable?  Whatever the theme, be creative!

3. How should I give the gift?

This is perhaps one of the toughest questions, and we have certainly examined a number of possibilities. It seems as if a common theme might be that of travel…whether it be physical or figurative, transporting the two of you to another time and place would be ideal and very memorable! 

4. What accessories go with the gift?

Accessories for the our gloves would be…our coats! That’s right….the two naturally go hand in hand. (Get it?) Whether you want to feel as if you are zipping through time and space or are fighting crime around every corner, when you sport our coats with our gloves, you cannot help but feel transformed!

Well, that’s it! We have covered the gambit (ya gotta love the puns, n’est pas?).  Regardless of which AbbyShot product you choose, you will jump to the head of the line in the Gifting category and you will watch your intended be transformed right before your very eyes! As a Gifter, how can you ask for anything more than that?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s lesson…..can you figure out which it will be?

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