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Today’s School for Gifters is brought to you by the number 13 (or should we say XIII?), and not just because this is the 13th episode of our gift-giving inspired Blog series.

Today we’ll be looking at the much-admired Kingdom Hoodie. The Enigma trench coat came first, and then AbbyShot’s Design Team thought: “Hey, what if we cut this coat off at the hips and turn it into a hoodie?” A magic moment in time: The Kingdom Hoodie was born. Maybe it’s time to spread some of that magic around this Christmas?

Today is good timing as well because if you’re in the USA this is the last day to order a Kingdom Hoodie for Christmas delivery using our less expensive Small Packet Standard Shipping! Just a friendly reminder Smilie: ;)

On with the questions and answers…

1. Who should get this gift?
The Kingdom Hoodie design is loved equally by fans of Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts and by folks who just love innovative and unique hoodies! For the gamer or the stylish person in your life – this is the hoodie that will make their holiday season complete.

2. How should I wrap the gift?
A fun (and sneaky) idea would be to wrap the Kingdom Hoodie inside a normal, boring hoodie! Here’s a preview of your lucky recipient’s thought process as they analyze their gift:  

“Hmm. Okay. It’s a hoodie. That’s fine and dandy… BUT WAIT! What’s this black beauty hiding inside my hoodie? Oh my… it’s the sleekest and most stylish hoodie I’ve ever seen. It must be AbbyShot’s world-renowned Kingdom Hoodie!” 

It’ll play out something like that, trust us Smilie: ;)

3. How should I give the gift?
This hoodie would be an amazing way to cap off a night of gaming, or would fit very well under the Christmas tree for a wonderful morning on December 25th (just get your recipient to try to resist opening the gift until then… Smilie: ;)

4. What accessories go with the gift?
This hoodie actually comes with its own accessory: The beaded necklace above the chest is removable for two different looks (you can go full-Organization or part-Organization, we like to say!). Beyond the necklace, accessorizing is all about black gloves! We’d recommend the cool neoprene/leather combination of the Stealth Gloves to go perfectly with the fleece of the hoodie.

So there you go, more ideas to mull over for the holidays! We leave you now with a recent Kingdom Hoodie YouTube review that really rocks! Hopefully your lucky recipient (or, well, yourself!) likes the Kingdom Hoodie as much as this recent customer…

 Have a great weekend, all!

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