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Two Weeks Before Christmas: Still Time To Shop!

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We don’t mean to alarm you, friends, but there’s just under two weeks left before Christmas! Unless you happen to have a TARDIS, it’s time to get your shopping done Smilie: :)

Not to worry though:
If we have it in stock then there’s still time for your AbbyShot order to arrive before the big day!

Here’s the up-to-the-minute recap of what’s in stock right now:

We must warn you, however, that not all sizes or products will last until Christmas! Place your order as soon as you can.

Need to know the absolute deadline to place your order for delivery on December 23rd?
That depends on your location and your chosen shipping method. Here’s an overall breakdown for our most popular methods:

UPS Worldwide Method 
(Mainly for large items: coats/jackets, our recommended method)
Canada: Order by December 20th
USA: Order by December 17th
International: Order by December 14th, or December 10th for Australia.

Small Packet/Envelope Method 
(For small items: accessories, hoodies, etc)
Canada: Order by December 13th, if not use “UPS Worldwide” above.
USA: Order by December 13th for Eastern USA, no guarantee possible for Western USA. Use “UPS Worldwide” above to be extra sure!
International: No pre-Christmas guarantee for this method, use “UPS Worldwide” above.

UPS Express Method 
(Mainly for large items: coats/jackets shipped VERY fast)
Canada: Order by December 21st
USA: Order by December 21st
International: Order by December 20th, or December 15th for Australian destinations.

This should hopefully be all the info you’ll need, but of course if you have any other questions about pre-Christmas shipping please don’t hesitate to Contact Us at any time!

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