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School for Gifters 15: The Stampede Duster

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This episode of “School for Gifters” features one of the most intricate and intense designs AbbyShot has ever taken on: None other than the straps-and-snaps goodness of the Stampede Duster!

This design comes complete with a fully-removable front panel attached with snaps, straps on the arm, straps crossing the back of the coat, AND straps connecting the front panel to the back. Plus it’s available in fabric or leather versions in your choice of red or black. Oh, and did we mention it’s awesome? Smilie: ;)

1. Who should get this gift?
This coat would be a mind-blowingly cool gift for an anime fan – you’d just have to be careful to get those custom measurements right! The ideal wearer would be good-hearted but unfortunately a little accident-prone. They tend to leave a path of destruction in their wake (and are quite possibly followed around by insurance agents). The nickname “Humanoid Typhoon” may be an appropriate one. But they’re so darn charming you really don’t mind.

2. How should I wrap the gift?
This coat, as tribute to its “Vash The Stampede” inspiration, should be wrapped up in warning labels and insurance policies. We’re talking disclaimers along the lines of “The Gifter shall not be held responsible for actions / decisions / destruction caused by the wearing of the enclosed.”

Once again, LOTS of curiosity will ensue here (and is the key to awesome gift-giving!).

3. How should I give the gift?
This is another AbbyShot gift that would be best given after a night of anime-watching! Setting the proper tone is essential. Ideally a few episodes of Trigun (or the new 2010 film Badlands Rumble!) would be in the mix… Smilie: ;)

4. What accessories go with the gift?
The Stampede Duster is a coat that works well with a myriad of accessories. Of course some yellow-tinted “Vash the Stampede” style sunglasses would be cool (and big replica guns wouldn’t go astray!). To top it all off though, any of AbbyShot’s leather gloves would work perfectly!

That’s all for today, folks! Three more episodes remain, and 11 days until Christmas…

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