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It’s dark. It’s devious. It’s delightful.

The AbbyShot Jenova Trench might just be the ultimate gothic coat. Inspired by the trench coat of Sephiroth in the film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, this gothic design with seven buckles down the front (hm, seven… coincidence? We think not!) has gathered a following all its own. And what a gift it would make…

1. Who should get this gift?
This gift is made for those friends who are in touch with their “dark side”. They may like to add a healthy gothic touch to their fashion. This coat looks downright wicked with just about anything (you can even go shirtless – Sephiroth style!), though a shirt and tie looks very VERY cool.

2. How should I wrap the gift?
The wrapping paper for this gift should have a wing design on it somewhere, in tribute to the “one-winged angel”, of course. Just don’t make this gift hard to open, or it may end up cut in half by a really long sword…

3. How should I give the gift?
This gift is another AbbyShot clothing item best given after a night of gaming goodness. Break out the old PS1 and go back in time to when Final Fantasy VII was at the very height of gaming technology. Get up to the part where… an important main character dies (is it still considered a spoiler so many years later? We’re not taking chances! Smilie: :) and the lucky recipient will already be experiencing a whole mixture of emotions. Seeing this coat will then just push them over the edge into Gifter Heaven!

If you’re not in the gaming mood, there’s always “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children” on DVD! Another perfect companion to giving the Jenova Trench as a gift.

4. What accessories go with the gift?
Sephiroth himself wears sleek black gloves much like AbbyShot’s Associate Gloves, so of course they would make for perfect accessories. After that you can choose some leather boots and maybe even a sword to go with the coat – the sky is the limit!

We can’t believe how fast the month of December is flying! There are only two more “Gifter” posts left (pretty easy to guess which ones now!) and only 9 days left until Christmas. Wishing you the best of luck with your gift buying!

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