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Let’s take a quick trip back in time, to a Doctor Who themed interview on the UberSciFiGeek Blog from March 2010…  

Martha Jones wore her striking red leather jacket for the majority of Series 3 and it really became a signature part of her look. All the women on our Design Team love the design as well, it goes beyond a “cool Doctor Who replica” and is truly a beautiful leather jacket that women not familiar with Martha Jones still want to wear!

For some AbbyShot coats and jackets the fans tell us that wearing them is like being a member of a secret society. The Martha Jones Companion Jacket is one of those jackets where you really do hide your fandom in plain sight! You walk down the street and 90% of people think you’re simply wearing a cool leather jacket. However, those 10% that DO recognize the source material — they will look at you like you’re a goddess! Be warned.

That’s right, today’s “School for Gifters” is about that most beautiful of red leather jackets: The Martha Jones Companion Jacket!

1. Who should get this gift?
Do you have a friend who wants to travel through space and time? Does she live a life of adventure? Does she dream of exploring exotic planets and long-ago eras through the doors of the TARDIS? This might just be the perfect jacket for her…

2. How should I wrap the gift?
This jacket would be best wrapped inside a box covered with deep blue wrapping paper. Much like the TARDIS itself, all the best things come in blue boxes!

3. How should I give the gift?
The Martha Jones Companion Jacket is a gift that would be best given during an adventure that involves space and time. Now, not all of us have immediate access to a TARDIS (where are you Doctor?), but there are some cool things you can do until the day a big blue Police Box crashes in your backyard. Take your friend to a planetarium or to a museum, and spring the gift on them there!

4. What accessories go with the gift?
Simple accessories work wonders with this jacket. We would recommend the Ladies Stealth Gloves for a sleek and elegant look. And of course, they’ll keep your hands warm as you explore the ice fields on Mars or the planet of the Ood…

Tune in tomorrow for our final episode of “School for Gifters” as we take on the Doctor himself!

Happy Friday everyone Smilie: :)

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