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We begin with another quick trip back in time, to our Doctor Who themed interview on the UberSciFiGeek Blog from March 2010…  

The Tenth Doctor’s Coat was very appealing to our team right from the start — it’s such a classic cut and style for a man’s overcoat, with a back vent and box pleat that make it very distinctive. Add in the deep blue lining and the orange trim on the inside pockets and THAT’S when you realize — this is no average coat, this is Doctor Who!

What makes AbbyShot different from most replica companies is that our products stand up to the test of time. Our products are ones which you can wear every day for years to come. And while they are hits at conventions, they are not simply costumes. We take great pride in our attention to detail, and we never forget that our coats are first and foremost pieces of apparel which people wear in their everyday lives. Both the Tenth Doctor’s coat and the Martha Jones jacket are just that… jackets that were worn by their characters time and time again… It seemed like a natural extension of that for which we stand.

It’s time for the 18th and final “School for Gifters” post! We end of with AbbyShot’s most popular coat of 2010 (hands-down), none other than the Tenth Doctor’s Coat.

1. Who should get this gift?
This coat is the ultimate gift for the smart sci-fi fan with a sense of style. Of course it’s a replica of the Tenth Doctor’s Coat (!), however it would fit right in at a business meeting or walking the streets of a big city. The design is appreciated by fans for sure, though also appreciated by folks who don’t know Doctor Who from Doctor Phil. It’s a fine-looking coat, plain and simple!

2. How should I wrap the gift?
To echo yesterday’s Gifter analysis of the Martha Jones Jacket, this coat absolutely needs to be wrapped up in a blue box. Enough said Smilie: ;)

3. How should I give the gift?
In the spirit of the Doctor himself, this gift is best given during a day of adventures. Go out to the cinema, go out walking around town to see the Christmas lights, go somewhere fun. Once you give the lucky recipient this coat, it’s a guarantee that they’ll want to walk just about anywhere to feel the power of this coat as it swishes around them when they walk. There’s just something indescribable about the feeling of wearing the Tenth Doctor’s Coat…

4. What accessories go with the gift?

So many fun accessories go well with this coat! Of course a sonic screwdriver is a must-have, though we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to open locked doors, manipulate complicated electronic devices, or short-circuit Cybermen – even WITH the powerful combination of this coat and a sonic screwdriver! The other great accessory to go along with this coat: Converse sneakers, of course!

Thanks for taking this journey with us through the entire AbbyShot catalogue, and hopefully we’ve given you some ideas to make your Christmas gift-giving even better! If you are looking at some AbbyShot gear for Christmas, keep an eye on this blog post for shipping deadlines. There’s still time, even now that there’s just a week before Christmas!

Allons-y into the holidays!

All the best,
The AbbyShot Team

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