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Sci-Fi Fan Film Star Haulers Features AbbyShot Clothing!
Keep a close eye on YouTube, sci-fi fans! A fan-made web series is coming soon and it has an AbbyShot connection!

Entitled STAR-haulers, this comedic sci-fi series promises to be an entertaining ride in the vein of Red Dwarf and Firefly. Created in our home province of Newfoundland, Canada, all the main characters in STAR-haulers wear AbbyShot clothing! Well, except for the computer because he’s a disembodied head.

Here’s the description from their official Facebook Group:

The year is 2110, and a rag-tag group pilots the STAR-hauler REPUBLIC-1 or “Pubby” for short. They carry cargo that no one else will dare take on their ship, and this is their story.

And here is a teaser of the opening title sequence… it looks cool and of course those coats look pretty fab Smilie: ;)

We’ll keep you posted here on the Blog for more news on STAR-haulers!

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