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I see that some of you have been posting your Christmas wish lists on the AbbyShot Facebook page lately. What better time to do so? It seems Dante‘s coats from the Devil May Cry series remain quite popular (but which version is best?), while I’ve noticed others are hoping for the Captain Jack Harkness coat from Doctor Who and Torchwood (a gorgeous coat design, indeed), or the Peacekeeper coat from Farscape. Recent buzz has encompassed Vash the Stampede style “two-finger” gloves, as well as continued interest in Cloud’s vest from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. There was even an enterprising fan on Facebook who posted a photo of a hoodie from the new Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood game…

I have to say it: I like the way you think, folks. Keep your ideas coming. I know that the team at AbbyShot is always looking for your input as to what they could design next for you, and I’ve heard excited rumblings that 2011 is going to be a phenomenal year for new products being available.

I will continue to be diligent and will try to improve my spy tactics into the new year. I have some New Year’s Resolutions for that AbbyBot as well… which I can’t wait to put into place. I only wish AbbyShot wasn’t closed for holidays from the 24th of December until January 3rd (sigh). All is not lost though… I will be listening for your feedback. 

I look forward to hearing more from you (about the current ideas listed above or your newest and wildest ideas) on Facebook, Twitter, or here on the Blog in the comments below.

A wonderful holiday season to you and yours,


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