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It’s nearly the end of 2010, so it’s time to round-up the most popular AbbyShot Blog Posts of the year. They have been chosen by the most important people on the planet: you, our readers! These rankings are based on the number of pageviews per post, so you literally voted with your clicks (isn’t technology wonderful?).

We’ve ranked them below in order from #5 to #1 (with #1 being the most pageviews of the year), and video game fans will be pleased with the top choice!

5) Customer Emails: May 2010 Edition

Posted May 26, 2010

Awesome Doctor Who fan photos were a running theme throughout 2010, and in this post Jon, a Canadian “Doctor”, remarked that the Tenth Doctor’s Coat “literally makes you want to run around yelling ‘DALEKS!'”. Then he somehow managed to snap a picture in the TARDIS. Mind if we take her for a spin when you’re done? Smilie: ;)

4) Customer Emails: March 2010 Edition
Posted March 24, 2010

This post from March marked our first customer photo of the Martha Jones Companion Jacket (two thumbs up from Linda!) and also includes two stylish-looking Time Lords. One of the reviews of the Tenth Doctor’s Coat, from Ari in the US, really captures the timeless appeal of this overcoat: “Friends of mine who aren’t Doctor Who fans have complimented me on the way the coat looks, even without getting the reference. Friends who are fans recognize it immediately.” Absolutely right, it’s a cool-looking coat made even better for those ‘in the know’

3) Customer Emails: February 2010 Edition
Posted February 24, 2010

Here’s another Customer Emails Post from early in the year that started strong and just didn’t stop gathering those clicks. Proof positive that your customer photos rock! This post featured some of the coolest photos of the year of the Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat. This customer, Bruce, even provided two completely different “looks” in his new Browncoat: The traditional clean-shaven Captain Mal Reynolds look, and a bearded “dare ya to visit the outer rim planets” look. Very, very cool.

2) Tenth Doctor’s Coat – First Customer Photos
Posted January 8, 2010

Yes indeed, the VERY first customer photos of the Tenth Doctor’s Coat kept on gathering clicks the whole year through (like a gift that keeps on giving!). UK customer Sam sent us some great photos that look like they’re taken right out of a Doctor Who Christmas Special. Keep your Sonic Screwdriver handy this time of year, Sam, you never know when you might need to save the world around Christmastime!

And our #1 most-viewed Blog Post of 2010 was…

1) Fiction Fashion Friday – Dante Part 2
Posted July 23, 2010

Wow, blog readers really dig all things Dante from the Devil May Cry game series. And hey, we can’t blame you! He’s a gun-slinging, demon-killing, all-around awesome anti-hero – with a sense of style! He definitely fits in with many current AbbyShot inspirations. This article was part of our “Fiction Fashion Friday” (a.k.a. “FicFashFri”Smilie: ;) summer blog series, where AbbyShot analyzed cool clothing from all types of media. This post on Dante’s coats from Devil May Cry 3 and 4 quickly became the most popular FicFashFri post and then, soon afterward, the most popular AbbyShot Blog Post of the year! The fans behind our recent product suggestions may be on to something… Smilie: ;)

So what do you think of this “Top 5″ list? Any honourable mentions you’d like to add from 2010? And of course – what types of Blog Posts would you like to see more of in 2011?

To all of our Blog readers and contributors: thanks for making 2010 such a fun year!

Keep on bloggin’ in a free world,
The AbbyShot Team

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