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Well. I’ve already been spying on their headquarters, then I invade their Christmas Party, and now they’re starting to link to my posts? Could I be getting in the good graces of AbbyShot? And how did I manage that?

You see, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the AbbyShot Facebook Page recently and I nearly busted my keyboard when I saw that they linked to one of my Wednesday Uplinks! Now I’m not going to tell you which ONE, that would take the fun out of it. But trust me, my post is linked on the page in black and white (well, blue and white, it is a link after all). Interesting development.

I also noticed that they VERY recently asked an intriguing question on a photo uploaded to their Facebook Fan page. So I’m absolutely wondering if that means anything. Once again, you’ll have to discover this question for yourself.

I feel like I’m sending you off on a scavenger hunt, this is fun. Almost as fun as AbbyShot’s Christmas Party(!)

Let me know if you find those 2 Facebook clues…


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