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Your friends will say: “It’s magic!”

Or maybe they’re Final Fantasy fans and they’ll say: “Sephiroth’s coat didn’t have outside pockets!” Smilie: :D

Either way: It’s your custom Jenova Trench Coat so if you want hidden outside pockets – you got ‘em!

Yes indeed, the Jenova Trench Custom has a brand new option and this one came directly out of a recent customer e-mail. We received an inquiry asking if we could add outside pockets to the Jenova design and we thought: “Hey, that could work!” We already make hidden side seam pockets for the Lobby Trench design so we thought, why not make it an option for the custom-fitted Jenova too? It’s only an extra $26.00 to add these new outside pockets.

Just check the “Features” Tab on the Jenova Trench Custom page to see all the special options for this coolest of black trench coats!

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