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Access Denied. Everything is secured here so tightly I feel like I’m inside an episode of ‘Mission: Impossible’. I can only assume that my leaking two photos (in a row) over the last few weeks has them scared. There are now four different upcoming items I have put in front of you… well five if you include gloves. 

I heard through the grapevine that I am to receive a top grade of “S” for sleuthing. It reminded me that the first time I was graded was in 2005, with another grade being given in 2007. All my missions received the grade of “S”, of course.

I digress. So photos once again seem to have been thwarted this week, but that is okay… for now. You seem to have enjoyed the last post and your responses were most amusing on the AbbyShot Facebook Page last week. Some of you were not too far off the mark, but I can assure you I haven’t seen any signs of swinging tassels as accessories for any sort of coat. 

Perhaps this week you can let me know what the four products are which you think AbbyShot has developed? I look forward to viewing your responses here on the Blog, on Twitter and on Facebook, as always.



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