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It’s always great to see AbbyShot products in a whole new light. Canadian journalist Burke Campbell wrote a glowing review of our unique leather gloves on his blog, entitled “GLOVES THAT SPEAK“.

Along with the glowing review came some dark and atmospheric shots! They really show the broad appeal and adaptability of the AbbyShot leather glove designs. Here is one of Burke’s shots of the fingerless Ocelot Gloves, (available for only $19.00)

Burke says it best:
“I recently received two pairs of supple leather gloves from AbbyShot, one of the most unique companies I’ve ever come across. If you’re a bit daring, with a flair for the dramatic, AbbyShot designs and makes movie-inspired clothing that you can wear everyday. […]

Slipping the gloves on, I found myself in a “Mad Max” kind of mood. I suddenly felt inspired to do a few “atmospheric shots”. What do you think?”

Here is another one of Burke’s fantastic shots, this time of the Gentry Gauntlets (only $39.00), our leather gloves featuring a full-length cuff:

Burke was kind enough to provide a full photo spread of his leather gloves (ten photos in total!) and you can see all the photos on his blog.

Now we’re wondering if you, our creative customers, are feeling inspired? Do you have a pair of AbbyShot leather gloves? We’d love to see your take on them too! Email us with your photos at “info[at]abbyshot.com”.

Keep your hands warm this weekend,
The AbbyShot Team

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