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It’s Valentine’s Day so AbbyShot would like to pay tribute to our favourite “couples” from film and TV. Don’t worry, we’re not going to get too sappy on you – these are the coolest couples and you’ll see that this makes for a list with a few surprises…

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1. Neo and Trinity
(The Matrix, 1999)
We start off with arguably the most butt-kicking couple on the list: Neo and Trinity! These two iconic sci-fi characters from The Matrix series are known for wall-climbing (using only their feet), high-flying acrobatics, lobby shoot-outs, and a massive war against the machines. Yet somehow they still had time for a little romance – chalk that up to excellent multitasking.
2. Mal and Inara
(Serenity, 2005)

Another favourite couple for sci-fi fans (wait, are they or aren’t they a couple?) is Captain Malcolm Reynolds and Companion Inara Serra. In the TV series Firefly, Inara is an integral part of the crew of Mal Reynolds’ ship, but at the beginning of the follow-up film Serenity Inara has gone her own way (much to Mal’s not-so-carefully-hidden chagrin). Whenever they’re together they bicker, argue, and fight… but it doesn’t take a genius like River to tell there’s a whole heap of romantic tension there! Everyone knows a couple like this Smilie: ;)

3. Deckard and Rachel
(Blade Runner, 1982)

This could be considered an unlikely sci-fi couple: an android who is very human and an android-hunter who may or may not be human. Rick Deckard of the classic film Blade Runner is a cop in 2019 Los Angeles tasked with hunting down escaped replicants – androids who look just like humans. In the course of an investigation Deckard meets Rachel, a replicant who believes she is human, and through a complex series of events (including hints that Deckard may be a replicant himself) they end up together. Let’s just hope they figure out a way around the whole ‘replicants have a four-year lifespan’ issue…

4. The Doctor and the TARDIS
(Doctor Who, 1963-Present)

Companions may come and go, but there’s nothing like a Time Lord’s relationship with his TARDIS! The Doctor’s nearest and dearest time machine / space ship has been with him since Doctor Who began in 1963. As fans know very well, the TARDIS is no ordinary ship. It has saved the Doctor’s life on many occasions and it has been hinted that it has a ‘mind of its own’. As relationships go, this is the Doctor’s longest-running and it’s still going strong (daily adventures certainly help to keep things fresh Smilie: ;)

5. Jay and Silent Bob

(Kevin Smith’s Askewniverse, 1994-2006?)

The final couple on our list are also inseparable: It’s everyone’s favourite pair of “hetero life-mates” Jay and Silent Bob. Introduced in Kevin’s Smith’s cult-classic Clerks back in 1994, these two slackers are the very definition of bromance. They’re always together, they’ve got each other’s backs… and let’s hope they’re not reading this as they would be none too pleased to be in a Valentine’s Day post on “couples” Smilie: ;)

So which of our Top 5 is your favourite film or TV “couple”? Is there a great pairing we’ve missed out on? As always, give us your feedback here in the Blog comments, on Twitter or on our Facebook Page!

Watch out for Cupid’s arrows,
The AbbyShot Team

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