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We’re well into the second month of 2011 and the email Inbox is as busy as ever! As always, we love the fact that AbbyShot creations are traveling the world and are finding new homes with you fine folks! Your pictures bring the good vibes to the whole AbbyShot team every month. So let’s jump right in, here’s the latest awesome customer shot:

Wow, it’s Squall Leonhart himself! Wait, no, we’re told it’s actually Steven Butt from the great state of Georgia, USA. He’s pictured here in his full Squall costume (featuring of course the 100% leather AbbyShot Squall Jacket) and we must say that he looks the part – sweet gunblade and all! Thanks for the great photo, Steven!

Next up is recent customer Tuomas and he hails from even further north of us here in Newfoundland, Canada: Tuomas comes from Finland! We’re very clear on the geography because Tuomas sent us his photo through the Map Your ‘Shot page (with the simple but effective comment: Smilie: :-), love it).

Tuomas doesn’t have to worry about those north winds; as you can see he’s decked out in his new Kingdom Hoodie. The quality fleece and the deep hood are perfect for those winter days while the thumbholes in the sleeves help tuck your hands in and away from the cold air. The removable beaded necklace and AbbyShot logo pull-tab are the accent pieces that complete the look. If you don’t have your own Kingdom Hoodie yet – this is the season to own one!

Speaking of winter weather, we have a final email to share with you this month from a customer who loves his new Men’s Stealth Gloves, an original AbbyShot glove design that melds leather and neoprene together into a magical combination:

I love winter, because I get to dress up in cool coats and gloves, and these gloves are definitely cool. Whenever it snows, I have the perfect excuse to show off my stylish gloves.

I was scraping the ice off my car, and my hands were kept nice and warm, but they fit well enough so that I can adjust the dials inside the car too!

I’ll be sad when winter changes into spring, because then I won’t get to wear these gloves.

- Grant C, USA

Well said, Grant! Winter isn’t all that bad, especially since AbbyShot has so many great glove designs to choose from Smilie: ;)

Thanks to Steven, Tuomas, and Grant for the fantastic emails and we hope to see your email or photo here next month! You can send your photos through the Map Your ‘Shot page or through our “info[at]abbyshot.com” email address.

Stay cool friends,
The AbbyShot Team

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