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There’s a buzz at AbbyShot this week and it can only be for one reason: A brand new product has been announced!

This one’s for all the demon-hunters out there keeping the streets safe, and it’s available for pre-order on our Group Buy Page now:  

This one has been hotly requested by video game fans so of course AbbyShot’s Design Team was as careful as ever to create a coat that is very true to the original character while also being a durable coat that can handle years of day-to-day wear. It’s another high-quality long coat that we’re excited to add to our Anime and Gaming repertoire (in great company with the Enigma and Jenova Trenches)!

There are a lot of great features to talk about but before we start you may be wondering: Why the black-and-white photos, AbbyShot? It’s not JUST for the atmosphere Smilie: ;) Our coat above was done in different colour pleather (as we hammered out the design details) so we’ll have final photos to follow soon. The colours of the final coat will be as pictured on the right.

Now on with those features (so much to talk about)…

Tons of Options!
We love giving our fans plenty of choice here at AbbyShot, and this pre-order pulls out all the stops. Of course the “standard edition” coat is a set-size coat made with the screen-accurate red colours above in our high quality pleather. But then we thought: There’s so much more we can offer here!

Alternate options include:

  • All-Black pleather version in set-size
  • Custom-fitted pleather coat (in red or black)
  • 100% Leather set-size coat (in red or black)
  • 100% Leather custom coat (in red or black)

There’s an option for everybody (and we know the 100% leather version is going to be a sight to behold)! All the details on pricing are of course on the Dante Coat Group Buy Page.

Something Up Our Sleeves…
Our Design Team ensured that the sleeves of the Dante Coat could be worn either turned up (like the original character of course) or worn as full sleeves (as you can see in the top photo above). We’re always trying to add that extra bit of functionality here at AbbyShot and it makes for a better coat all around!

Pockets for Your Holy Water
Speaking of functionality, of course this new AbbyShot coat comes with real pockets to hold all your useful inventory items Smilie: ;) The two outside pockets with flaps are fully functional and the set-size coat comes with one inside pocket as standard. With the custom coats you can even add a second inside pocket (never hurts to have a second bottle of holy water handy!).

Design Details to Die For!

The Design Team took special care to turn this video game inspiration into a real-life coat using proven coat fabrication methods. The decorative seams at the chest and on the back of the coat, for example? They are curved seams stitched exactly as seen in the game, not done through pin-tucking or other methods that don’t quite get the look right!

Pre-Order for Awesome Gloves!
The final piece of the puzzle is what the pre-order offer is all about: If we receive 20 pre-orders in the next month (by the deadline of March 17th), we’ll create a brand new product for the true fan – FREE Dante shooting gloves! It’s a black leather glove design with the index finger and thumb left uncovered on each hand for easy trigger access when shooting your dual guns (or, well, texting… depending on what you’re into Smilie: ;)

The key of course is to get the message out! There’s already 1 confirmed pre-order and we’re not even a full day into the Group Buy yet, so be sure to spread the word about the Dante Coat Pre-Order!

What do you think of the new Dante Coat? Let us know here in the blog comments below or on our Facebook Page or Twitter account! Be sure to stay tuned for more photos and info too…

Happy demon-hunting,
The AbbyShot Team

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