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Our Twitter account went absolutely mad over the weekend and we just KNEW it had to be something big. It was beyond our wildest dreams: One of our heroes, Mythbusters’ own robot-master Grant Imahara, Tweeted about his new Tenth Doctor’s Coat and even took a photo in full Doctor Who mode! Click on the (spectacular) Tweet below to see his photo… and his Tenth Doctor hair-do!

Showin' off my awesome @AbbyShot coat. #DoctorWho #gally http://twitpic.com/41qfmy

This Tweet absolutely took off over the weekend, with over 150 retweets (and still going!). Grant was even nice enough to Tweet us a mini-review of his coat, he is true a class act.

RT @GrantImahara: @AbbyShot Thanks guys for a real quality product. Worth every penny. Hope you come out with more licensed gear!

The metric ton of Tweets also led to some fantastic commentary from fans, here are just a few of our favourite quotes:

Time travel… plausible?

Spoiler: the 13th & final Doctor!


@grantimahara @AbbyShot awesomesauce! on an awesomesteak! #muttersjealously Smilie: :)

#Mythbusters + Doctor Who = Hell yeah!

I admit it: my geeky little heart went pitter-patter.

Is the world ready for an Asian-American Dr. Who? HOT.

Huge thanks to Grant and all of our new Twitter followers, you made our weekend an exciting one!

Looking to save the world in your own Tenth Doctor’s Coat? Check out our site to add your name to the Waiting List! Allons-y! Smilie: :)

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