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The Wednesday Uplink: Fans Led Out of the Dark…

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I knew it, and many of you did too: AbbyShot gave the official announcement about the Dante Coat last week. Immediately angels sang, devils cried, and all was right with the world… but wait! Those official Dante Coat photos are in black and white… it turns out that my investigative skills are still needed for this mission.

I haven’t been able to dig up any (eagerly anticipated) photos of the AbbyShot Dante Coat in red… yet. However, all is not lost. I did manage to intercept a close-up of the back of the black 100% leather version they’re finalizing. Trust me, you need to see this:

Impressive, wouldn’t you say? I really can’t decide between black and red versions now...

Let me know your thoughts on this coat (in red or black) – here in the Blog comments, on Twitter, or on the AbbyShot Facebook Page. And remember to spread the word about this Dante Coat pre-order because there’s another new product in it for you – Dante shooting gloves. Needless to say, I want those gloves. Scratch that… I need them.

Finally, bravo to all of you who predicted the release of AbbyShot’s Dante Coat. Exceptionally well done, and to each of you: Your stylish rank is SSS. Now to paraphrase the man himself: “Adios, kids!”



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