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AbbyShot customers can be found all over the world doing exciting things, and normally AbbyShot is happy to hear about it… this time however, we’re happy with a side of insanely jealous! Customer and Twitter friend James (@jamibu) recently visited the Doctor Who Experience in London and teased us with tantalizing bits of info through our Twitter account.

Not only did James visit the “Experience”, he also wore his trusty AbbyShot Tenth Doctor’s Coat! He went above the call of duty this week (probably after noticing how jealous we were) and shared with us some fantastic photos in a Picasa Album. And by some fantastic photos we mean… over 100 photos! Of course we had trouble picking out our favourites but here goes… Allons-y!

James approaches the Doctor Who fan’s motherland!
(We’re also glad that no one ran off with that sign!)
So what wonders await inside?

The Doctor meets a Dalek! Looks like the World War II Dalek, though sadly this Dalek is lacking his cup of tea.
Ah, the First Doctor. These old Radio Times covers must have been a sight to behold!
This must have been a complete and utter geek-out moment. The TARDIS alone looks absolutely fantastic, then you’ve got the Eleventh Doctor there plus the costumes of ALL previous Doctors around the room… wow. Just wow.
As James said in his own caption, it looks like a screenshot! The Tenth Doctor’s Coat is back inside the TARDIS where it belongs. Looks like the “Experience” is bigger on the inside too…

James’ friend admires the Captain Jack Harkness costume… we have to say, that IS a fine-looking coat Smilie: ;)


We enjoyed James’ caption for this one: “Martha Jones’ costume….or an AbbyShot mannequin?” That does look remarkably like a certain AbbyShot ladies jacket Smilie: ;)

Our final photo pick: The Doctor says goodbye to an old friend. As you can tell from this photo: How wonderfully interactive the Doctor Who Experience must be!

It would seem that the overall lesson here is: If you’re anywhere near London, swing by the Doctor Who Experience! It looks like an amazing time. Here’s James’ 140-character-or-less Twitter review to summarize:

“Amazing seeing all the costumes and props, especially the TARDIS, and so much fun having foes like the Daleks brought to life!”

Hear, hear! Thanks SO much James for sharing these photos with us. If you’d like to see (plenty) more photos, James has uploaded the full album here on Picasa.

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Have a great weekend (and watch out for those Daleks),
The AbbyShot Team

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