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The Wednesday Uplink – Snippets of Possible Futures?

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Does anyone have a crystal ball handy? While the AbbyShot team may have their current Product Development locked down, I managed to get a hold of some future possibilities that may very well intrigue you. I only managed to find four small snippets though, so they’re not all immediately clear to me. What do you make of these four mystery photos?

The two main questions to ask yourself are of course: Where did these four mystery photos come from? And which one(s) would you most like to WEAR? (I know black is always my style, but I’d love to hear from you!)

Which of these photos jumps out at you? Theories always welcome in the Blog comments, on Twitter, or on the AbbyShot Facebook Page

If you would like to wear one of these (carefully labeled by yours truly as either 1., 2., 3., or 4) then be sure to bug AbbyShot through their Suggestions Page. And tell them Eon sent you!

Crystal ball or no crystal ball: You know what to do, friends.



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