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Winter is still lingering here in North America so this month is a great time to shine the spotlight on the many AbbyShot gloves that are just begging to keep your hands warm Smilie: ;)
Today is International Women’s Day so we would be remiss if we didn’t chat about a glove designed especially for women. Today we’re focusing on the Ladies’ Stealth Gloves!
These are beautifully-fitted gloves for women that are unique not only for their look but also for what they’re made of: they combine black leather (across the palm up to the fingertips for a good grip), while the back of the glove is made from neoprene. What’s neoprene you say? It’s a synthetic fabric that is used in everything from laptop sleeves to scuba-diving dry suits and it is known for its insulating properties.
Translation: Neoprene will keep your hands toasty warm!
There’s even a very nice leather accent over the neoprene (some have called it a “swept wing” pattern; wording we absolutely love) and this leather accent truly sets off any black leather garment you may wear with these gloves (like, say, a GIG Shrug perchance?).

Gorgeous and versatile with bonus points for warmth, the Ladies Stealth Gloves might just be the right gloves for you!

Are you already the lucky owner of a pair of these gloves? We would love to hear your feedback!

We’ll be back soon with another AbbyShot Glove…

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