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There may well be a few crystal balls in the hands of my dear readers. With further investigation it seems as if some of you are spot on with your comments. And entertaining to boot, did I mention you folks have a way with words? Here are some of my favourite comments on last week’s Uplink

2 Vests, 1 Blazer, 1 Jacket...Every one of em looks like they are infused with a dangerously lethal amount of awesome.

If they make clouds vest and also have an option for the shoulder pad, it would be the embodiment of WIN. I would definitely buy Cloud’s vest, gotta look good when doing missions for avalanche XD

Choice one because it has the flexibility of being professional and casual. Plus I love final fantasy 7 advent children.

I’m guessing aside from the shinRa uniform, Cloud’s vest, dead rising 2’s leather… That four is Spider-Man Noir’s costume. Verra nice indeed.

Fantastic feedback. Thanks to everyone who commented here on the Blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, and through emails. I keep an eye on it all, so please let you voice be heard!

Now, how do we let those at AbbyShot HQ know what we would like to see come to the market? Two vests, two jackets, all amazing designs. Do you make your decisions based primarily on the style of the garment, the character, the fabric, the colour, the price or something else altogether? There are so many elements that HQ needs to take into consideration and this is our opportunity to guide them.  

If you can take a (little) bit of time to give your input here on the Blog comments, on Twitter, or on the AbbyShot Facebook Page, then maybe we can further guide the process. 

Another option is to submit your comments to HQ through their Suggestions Page. And tell them Eon sent you… again. That should really rile them up!

I can’t wait to see them hard at work over the next week. I wonder what I will have to report to you next? Keep your ear to the ground friends, and do get your message out there!



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