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It’s Part 2 of our special Blog series devoted to gloves and this time we’re focusing on a fingerless design that premiered in October 2010: The ‘ready-to-rumble’ leather Ocelot Gloves!

First of all, fingerless leather gloves are indeed a new addition to the AbbyShot product line but they fit in perfectly with the rest of our clothing. Fingerless gloves show that the wearer has a clear edge to their fashion sense and a desire to stand out from the norm, which ties perfectly in with all AbbyShot clothing. But it’s not just rebels and rockers who can wear this style of glove: Fingerless leather gloves are designed to protect your hand while still giving you full dexterity in your fingers, making them the choice of everyone from outdoorsmen to bikers.

It’s really the best of both worlds: The goodness of wearing gloves while still having full use of your fingers. The Ocelot Gloves are a vented variety – designed to cool down your hands quickly when you’re keeping active.

So where did the name Ocelot come from for these gloves? As you may remember, we held a contest to name these gloves last Fall and the winning contestant tied the gloves in perfectly with another AbbyShot coat! Here’s what he said:

“I gave a suggestion a while back that you make the gloves that Liquid Ocelot wore in the game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

These gloves are strikingly similar to what he wears, so my [suggestion would be the] “Ocelot Gloves”. 

Liquid Ocelot is a villain from the Metal Gear Solid series who actually has his mind possessed by original baddie Liquid Snake. Liquid Snake, as you may know, is the inspiration for the AbbyShot Foxhound Coat, so indeed this glove name does tie it all together!

The Ocelot Gloves are a versatile Accessory for any AbbyShot long coat (especially if you’re an aspiring member of the FOXHOUND Group!). Stay tuned to this frequency for the next edition of “Love the Gloves”.

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