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It is one of AbbyShot’s most popular glove designs (and one that has truly stood the test of time!). In today’s edition of “Love The Gloves” we discuss the awe-inspiring Gentry Gauntlets. These are the leather gloves that the AbbyShot Design Team went back in time to create… okay, maybe not literally (though that would be fun!), our inspiration for these Gauntlet-style gloves comes straight from the medieval times.

The original gauntlets, as history buffs will know, were a very important part of a knight’s armour on the medieval battlefield. Metal gauntlets would include a cuff extending past the wrist in order to provide extra protection for a knight’s hand and lower arm. Hand-to-hand combat requires hands, one is very safe to assume! (Just ask the Black Knight from Monty Python’s Holy Grail… Smilie: ;)

Eventually firearms became the common weapon on the battlefield and gauntlets lost their strategic value. Despite this, gauntlets never did stop looking fantastic! Hundreds of years later, gauntlet-style gloves (with the extended cuff) are still being worn all over the world every day. Of course, the AbbyShot Gentry Gautlets are a shining example! The name of these leather gloves even pays tribute to the medieval roots of the design, as the word “Gentry” (pronounced “Jen-tree”Smilie: ;) denotes the high class of the Middle Ages.

So for those who want to add a touch of the medieval to their wardrobe, these gauntlets are the obvious choice. And like all AbbyShot products the quality is key so they can be worn everyday, while also being very versatile for cosplay purposes! In fact, just last week an amazing photo came through our Map Your ‘Shot page from Norway, showing how the Gentry Gauntlets really set off this customer’s unique cosplay costume (Thanks to Mogcaiz for the great photo!).

If you’re already a proud owner of these leather gauntlet gloves then please don’t hesitate to contact us with your review! We’d love to hear your thoughts on them. If you’re not wearing the Gentry Gauntlets right now as you read this, then we just have one question: Why not? Smilie: :)

Stay tuned later this week for another episode of “Love the Gloves”!

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