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Love The Gloves Part 4: The Associate Gloves

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In today’s edition of “Love the Gloves” we celebrate an unsung hero of the AbbyShot website. Known as the leather gloves that “go with everything”, these adaptable black gloves are the perfect accessory to any piece in your wardrobe. They go perfectly with ANY AbbyShot garment: From looking elegant and classy with a Tenth Doctor’s Coat to looking mysterious and sleek with a Kingdom Hoodie, the Associate Gloves are like the chameleons of the clothing world – able to fit in anywhere!

Black Leather Associate Gloves by AbbyShot Clothiers - With the Leather Squall Jacket(And hey, what are those fine-looking gloves that were used in the Squall Jacket photo shoot? Smilie: ;)

Not only do the Associate Gloves look great in any circumstance, they’re also very high quality. Made of smooth black leather with a soft interior lining, these gloves are made to keep your hands warm and well-protected but never uncomfortably so.

We could talk about gloves all day (honestly, we really could Smilie: ;) but we thought that in this particular case, one of our customers summed up the appeal of the Associate Gloves quite perfectly:

The Associate Gloves came to my mailbox today, and was about to initiate mortal combat with the darn envelope because I couldn’t find a knife to open it with fast enough!

The gloves feel so smooth to the touch, and they fit me nicely! It’s going to get so much colder here in Norway, so I’m so relieved that I won’t have to freeze my hands off in the mornings when I go to school!

I only wanted to let you know that these gloves make my day a bit less horrible (-10c in the mornings now, expecting it to drop to -30c in the next month :/ ), so thanks a lot Smilie: :D!

Theo, Norway
Black Leather Associate Gloves by AbbyShot Clothiers - Glove Close-up
How great is that letter? We’re so proud to make our customers rave about their new glove purchases! It’s certainly not every day that folks write letters about leather gloves Smilie: :)

Speaking of customers with rave reviews, when talking about the Associate Gloves we can’t resist posting this hilarious video review from Veggo3 in Germany, who was SUPER pleased with his Kingdom Hoodie and Associate Gloves combo order (a great combo indeed!). If you haven’t seen this video before it’s WELL worth a look. Enjoy the YouTube funny below and we’ll be back to chat about more glove goodness soon…

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