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Yesterday, fans on the AbbyShot Facebook Page may have noticed that I made an unusual Tuesday appearance. I posted one of the black-and-white photos of the upcoming Dante Coat and asked the simple question: “So… who wants to see this coat in red?”

Let’s just say that the response was very very good (I was just testing to see if you were awake, folks)

So you all deserve a treat today and I am not one to leave fans hanging. I have with me right now an exclusive photo of the AbbyShot Dante Coat in glorious red pleather. It’s a full-length shot showing the entire coat from 2 interesting angles.  This is the colour photo you’ve been waiting for…

Oh, and did I mention it’s in the form of a jigsaw puzzle?


It’s only 100 pieces…
You can do this, friends! 
Come now, I can’t make things TOO easy on you Smilie: ;)

The scuttlebutt around AbbyShot is that they’ll have the official posting of the new Dante Coat photos tomorrow. But honestly, you don’t want to wait that long! The puzzle is so worth it.  

So, have you managed to solve it? 

Be sure to let me know how much of a tease I am, through all the usual channels: here in the Blog comments, on Twitter, or on the AbbyShot Facebook Page

And of course, stay tuned for AbbyShot news tomorrow…



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