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New Dante Coat Photos Emerge in Glorious Red!

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It’s that time, Dante fans.

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for since the new Dante Coat was announced by AbbyShot last month…

So of course we want to know: What do you think of this new pleather coat?

As you can (hopefully!) tell, the team has been working hard to perfect this coat in AbbyShot’s high-end quality and Devil May Cry fans can rest assured – it’s going to be worthy of Dante himself! All the information you need is on the Dante Coat Group Buy page, but we want to give our loyal readers a bit of extra insight so read on for some ‘behind the scenes’ details!

The coat you see above is our final pre-production sample in red pebbled pleather (yes, PEBBLED pleather!) and of course we studied the game religiously as well as talked directly with many die-hard fans to ensure that this becomes the coat of your dreams! Please note that the pleather for the final coat may be slightly different in colour (due to the dying process for larger quantities of pleather). But trust us when we say slightly!

As well, the metal snaps in the photo above are not the final snaps for this coat. We are having metal snaps custom-made to very even more closely match those on Dante’s Coat in Devil May Cry 4.

And a final note on the photo above: This sample was a custom-fitted coat (meant to be tight-fitting) so you need not worry about the set-size version being too tight – it will be sized just like our current pleather long coats in set-sizes. Though if you do dig the tight-fitting look, feel free to pre-order a custom-fitted Dante Coat and we’ll happily create that for you!

We’ve even gone beyond the original character and created an all black version of this design and those photos (of a black LEATHER version) are up on the Dante Coat Group Buy Page now!

Remember, fans, that you’ll need to be a part of the Dante Coat Group Buy before April 17th in order to receive an exclusive pair of leather Dante Shooting Gloves along with your new coat. AbbyShot will create this new and exclusive glove design if the Group Buy reaches 20 pre-orders. So you really don’t want to miss out; it’s an awesome coat with an awesome bonus just for you!

Jump on the Group Buy Page to see even more photos, and of course, spread the word:

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