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The AbbyShot Design Team had a revelation today. It started with the new Dante Coat and its different colour options; the team got to thinking about an innovative colour change for at least one popular AbbyShot coat. Brown is a timeless colour? We think not. We’re looking towards the future here folks, and there’s a new colour in town for AbbyShot…


We’re going to ease into this new colour scheme slowly by starting with the Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat, now renamed (of course) to the Malcolm Reynolds Purplecoat.

It just has a better ring to it, don’t you think?

“Your coat’s kind of a purplish colour…” See, it even works retroactively. We’re sure that proud Browncoats, er, Purplecoats can get behind this new name (and colour) change!

The Design Team was so pleased with the way this first dye-job turned out that they’ll soon be setting their sights on other AbbyShot coats. Pretty soon the entire catalogue will be purple as far as the eye can see! It’ll be glorious.

Check out a little sneak preview of what’s next, and we hope you’re sitting down because this next photo has more #Winning than Charlie Sheen…

Are you ready to hop onboard the Purple-Train?
Just visit AbbyShot.com and…

Have a happy April Fool’s Day Smilie: ;)

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