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It’s time for another edition of “Love the Gloves” and this time we feature a glove design that looks like it could bust through a block of concrete! These leather gloves look like a mix between medieval gauntlets, sci-fi villain wardrobe, and the side of a cliff. We can only be talking about, of course, The Granite Gauntlets!

Granite Gauntlets: Grey Leather Gauntlet Gloves from AbbyShot
AbbyShot first tested out these gloves in a ‘rocky’ grey leather and added padding on the back of the hand to add a bit of extra bulk to the design. There’s even a strap at the wrist that’s easily adjustable (through the amazing power of velcro!) to ensure the cuff of this gauntlet-style glove has a flared effect.

We chatted about the medieval origins of the gauntlet in our recent article on the AbbyShot Gentry Gauntlets, and we feel that the Granite Gauntlet design makes these origins even more obvious! Can’t you just picture a knight striding on to the field of battle in a full suit of armour, clutching his broadsword in a pair of AbbyShot Granite Gauntlets? 

(Important Disclaimer: Though these gloves certainly do LOOK like they’re made out of rock and/or armour, we must remind you that they are made of leather. For this reason they are not impervious to swords, bullets, blasters, gunblades, keyblades, laser guns, or other weapons. And now back to your regularly scheduled blog post!)

Black Granite Gauntlets: Black Leather Gauntlet Gloves from AbbyShot

The Design Team enjoyed the look of the Granite Gauntlets so much, they thought: “OK, we’re AbbyShot. We definitely need to make these in black too!” And so the Black Granite Gauntlets were born soon after! The black version incorporates all the same design features as the Granite Gauntlets, just made in the smooth black leather that you know and love from AbbyShot. Just have a look at that photo of the clenched fist – the Black Granite Gauntlets definitely have a sci-fi villain feel to them! In fact, if any of our previous customers have done any cosplay in their Granite Gauntlets we’d love to see some photos (info[at]abbyshot.com, folks!).

These gloves were named by an AbbyShot fan and we thought it was only fitting to end with his fine words about the Granite Gauntlets:

Afraid your other gauntlets will crumble? Behold the Granite Gauntlet, the most durable and stylish gauntlet ever to grace the eyes with its rocky brilliance.” 
- Aulii

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