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Wow, it’s down to our second-last edition of “Love The Gloves”! We have already showcased the Ladies Stealth Gloves, now it is time to bring you their male counterpart!

Neoprene and Leather Gloves from AbbyShot - Back ViewThe Men’s Stealth Gloves are the perfect accessory for that secret black ops mission you’ve been planning (who doesn’t have a secret black ops mission in the works, honestly?), or to go along with an AbbyShot gothic trench coat (the Jenova Trench perhaps?)

This glove is made from a combination of neoprene and 100% leather, making this the ultimate glove for standing up to the elements! Both neoprene and leather are amazing insulators and will have no trouble keeping your hands warm in cold weather. The palm side of the glove is leather, giving you the grip you need during your outdoor excursions.
Neoprene and Leather Gloves from AbbyShot - Palm View
AbbyShot customers are really “loving the gloves” here as well, this is a recent review from a US customer who field tested his Stealth Gloves this winter:

“I just got these awesome Stealth Gloves and am wearing them even as I type this. The delivery was very fast almost a week ahead of schedule! They fit perfectly and are so warm and cool looking they have made it to the top of my favorite gloves list! In fact I’m going for a walk just so I have an excuse to wear them in public!” -Joel

We think you’ll love these gloves just as much! And kudos to Joel on the impressive typing skills, not just anyone can type while wearing gloves!

But then of course, AbbyShot gloves are no ordinary gloves… Smilie: ;)

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