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So I visited AbbyShot HQ VERY early this morning, hoping to get a bit of intel before anyone was around. When I stealthily crept into the production room to rifle through files, there was a surprise waiting. I found an envelope addressed to ME on the table. Inside I found this:

Followed by this cryptic limerick (which isn’t an oxymoron apparently):

There once was a tunic with a hood,
Whose details were awesomely good.
Both heather and red
The colours were wed,
And that is where it ended. Not only is the AbbyShot Team blatantly taunting me with a limerick (of all things!), they didn’t even have the decency to give me the final line. How do you think we should respond? What do you think they’re on about? 

They’ve thrown down the lyrical gauntlet here folks, and I accept their challenge!

Post your suggestions through all the usual channels, my friends: here in the Blog comments, on Twitter, or on the AbbyShot Facebook Page



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