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This is it folks, our final installment of “Love the Gloves”!

And… we hope you do Smilie: ;)

AbbyShot Unisex Studded Gloves in 100% Leather

For this last edition, you’ll have to step out of the shadows. Only then will you find a classic leather glove with a gothic twist . The Studded Shadows are not only 100% leather, but also 100% wicked!

They feature metal studs running along the edge of a flared cuff, as well as an adjustable wrist strap with a velcro closure. This closure ensures a perfect fit around the wrist and a cool flare for the studded cuff (because of course you want that cuff to stand out!). You may recognize the studs as the same ones that are used on our fingerless Maverick Gloves. If our gloves were a family, the Studded Shadows would be the wise and enigmatic older sibling to the rough-and-tumble Maverick Gloves!

These leather gloves are also a unisex design, which means the Studded Shadows are the perfect glove for any man or woman who likes to keep it simple while still maintaining their edge. Oh, and did we mention that these gloves go perfectly with any of our gothic coats?

So we’ve shown you all of our gloves. Even a pair that wasn’t black!

Dante Shooting Gloves in Leather, Inspired by Devil May Cry 4As a final note before we go: Did you know that there’s also a potential pair of gloves that may well arrive in the near future for certain lucky AbbyShot customers? We call them the Dante Shooting Gloves (inspired by Devil May Cry 4 of course!) and the AbbyShot Design Team will create these gloves for Dante Coat customers if we receive 20 pre-orders through the Dante Coat Group Buy Page! The count is up to 12 confirmed pre-orders now and the deadline is April 17th so there’s still time to get your hands into these trigger-friendly black leather gloves!

Now it’s time to hear from you! Tell us what you think? Which AbbyShot glove style is your favorite? We would love to hear your feedback!

Also, do you have any ideas for future AbbyShot gloves? The floor is yours!

Have a great weekend,
The AbbyShot Team

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