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AbbyShot was taking pictures today, so of course my spidey senses were tingling. Whenever AbbyShot breaks out the camera, there’s always something interesting to be found. I won’t bore you with the details of how these two photos came into my possession, but they were well worth the effort. My friends, this is a peek into a potential future… why, it’s a Dante Shooting Glove!
As you may already know, AbbyShot has a Dante Coat pre-order happening now through their Group Buy page, where fans can place an order for AbbyShot’s latest trench coat creation (based on, of course, Devil May Cry 4)

So where does this intriguing glove come into play? Well, AbbyShot has said that if confirmed pre-orders reach the magic number 20, they will do a special run of these gloves for the customers who have placed their orders by April 17th. These are the shooting gloves that Dante himself wears when handling his intimidating guns (affectionately named Ebony & Ivory).

Of course, these gloves are the perfect accessories to go with the Dante Coat. And I want to get my hands on them (er, IN them) desperately. 

However, it looks like the confirmed pre-order count is at 12/20 as I’m writing this, and the deadline for pre-orders is this coming Sunday, April 17th! Come on friends, let’s get to 20/20 and make the Dante gloves a reality!

What do you think of these gloves, friends? As always, comment here on the Blog, on Twitter, or on the AbbyShot Facebook Page

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