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So Dante Coat fans, the pre-order deadline of April 17th has just come and gone. The Group Buy goal of 20 pre-orders was just out of reach, as 14 pre-orders were confirmed by end-of-day yesterday. As many of you know, the math on the Group Buy was a linear equation stating:

20 Dante Coat pre-orders = Dante shooting gloves

We didn’t hit the magic number 20, so this glove design is not a sure thing. The important question is:

Would you order the Dante Shooting Gloves if AbbyShot offered them as a regular product?

Blog readers know that AbbyShot always listens to fans, so now is the time to let your voice be heard! We need to know your opinion on these gloves, whichever way you’d like to tell us. Comment here on the Blog. Send us a Tweet on Twitter. Message us on the AbbyShot Facebook Page. Email us through our Contact Us Page.

The fate of the Dante Shooting Gloves is in your hands… (pun intended Smilie: ;)

As a secondary question, the Dante Coat pre-order DID have an unprecedented amount of support with 170+ people listed as “Considering” on the Group Buy Page. If you were one of the people considering a pre-order without “pulling the trigger” the order, then we want to hear from you as well:

What was the main factor that kept you from pre-ordering the Dante Coat?

Please be honest; the more feedback we get, the better we can serve you in the future! We had some fans tell us directly that it was simply a timing issue, some were holding out until we had photos of the final red leather Dante Coat, so there are certainly a myriad of factors! Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you were one of those “on the fence”.

So there we have it folks – your feedback is needed, especially about the potential new Dante gloves!

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